Billbäck’s Restaurant menu

At the counter, you can order food and see our drink selection as well as today’s assortment of cakes.

Please note that it is not possible to book tables or food in advance. For larger groups of more than 10 people, please contact us before your visit via email at or by phone at 011-368877.

The restaurant is cashless.

Breakfast all day

Small 90

· Sourdough sandwich
· Billbäck’s apple juice
· Brewed coffee or tea

Large 135

· Sourdough sandwich
· Yogurt, raspberry compote, roasted seeds, and lemon balm
· Billbäck’s apple juice
· Brewed coffee or tea

Lunch 11am-3pm

Warm smoked salmon from Bråviken’s smokehouse 225

Butter-tossed new potatoes, summer greens, and lemon mayonnaise

Potato and Västerbotten tart 159

Served with side salad, herb oil, and whipped crème fraîche

All day

Salad 139

Puffed coral lentils, cucumber, radishes, red onion, Askeby tomatoes, herb vinaigrette, feta cheese, sourdough bread

Flora’s shrimp sandwich 175

Hand-peeled shrimp, pesto, parmesan

Children’s favorite 2 pcs 55 3 pcs 69

American pancakes served with homemade strawberry jam and whipped cream

Ask us about allergies or special diets. There are vegan options for cakes and food.